Based on communication and information technologies, the center either focuses on distance learning by carrying out plans, programs, coordination and implementations including vocational, undergraduate, graduate, M.S. and continuing education and extending the knowledge up to the world, increasing the productivity by means of interactive and multimedia facilities in technological developments, extending the sharing of educational facilities to supply collaboration among the national and international  relevant institutions and organizations.

The activity area of the center covers vocational, undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. courses, seminaries, and conferences that use communications and information technology-based teaching.

The center uses the technological facilities like internet, other data transmission networks, radio, television, telephone and postal service, printing, audio and video systems in distance education.

In this context, the activity areas of the center are as follow;

  • The center activity areas cover planning all educational programs such as course, seminaries, and conferences, following the developments in distance education, conducting all technical infrastructure required for distance education and being in collaboration with the related organizations such as TUBITAK and others that supply data transmission.
  • In the context of distance education, the center develops projects and carries them out with the related units on demand from public, private national and international institutions and organizations.
  • The center makes student support assessment and evaluation, applications and planning of communication and interaction, implementation of server-client infrastructure and adequacy of courses, seminaries and conferences.
  • The center follows and applies all laws regarding distance education.
  • The center projects lifelong education courses and programs through distance learning in conjunction with Kocaeli University Research Center for Continuing Education.
  • The center carries out the studies of distance education monitoring, changes and developments of conditions.

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News / Announcement


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